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Scuba diving

Comprehensive training at a dive centre
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The warm and clear waters of the Sea of Crete are ideal for learning scuba diving. This full day scuba diving excursion off the coast of northern Crete will give you comprehensive theory and practice instruction in a swimming pool or in shallow sea waters, followed by a guided deeper water dive at a celebrated local dive site.

At the dive centre, you’ll receive expert instruction in all your equipment, diving safety and techniques – all in a very sheltered environment. When your seasoned instructor feels that you have mastered the basics, it’ll be time to take to the open waters.

Don your mask, tank, regulator and flippers and slide beneath the waves. Discover a new world as you swim among the fish and explore all the marine life in these wonderfully clear waters, diving to a depth of 6-8 metres. This scuba diving excursion with expert instruction is the perfect introduction to life beneath the surface.

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